Preceptors lead The Guild Academy and all lessons and programs associated. Whether scholars are in a group session, or a one on one lesson, these people will be there with you every step of the way along your sword fitness & fighting journey. If scholars ever have any questions about just who represents and trains at The Guild Academy, look no further. Get familiar with the people who will be swinging swords against and with you in our program.

Read on for more information about those who are training our methods, and responsible for your fitness program in your Guild Academy.

Aindreas is the founder of The Guild Academy, as well as one of the leaders in The Rogues Guild. He has been teaching traditional Western European Combat styles for 3 years. Interested in the various martial arts across the world, he soon became involved in English styles of combat. In 2004, he began to enrich the interest in Western Martial Arts,through personally researching various sword manuals (primarily Fiore de Libre), and meeting others interested and trained in the art.

Since then, he has taught multiple classes. Aindreas is the core trainer for most of the sessions covering Fiore De Libre and other important historical combat texts within The Rogues Guild and individually. He also holds the combined entirety of The Guild Academy and The Rogues Guild libraries. He hopes to foster individual self confidence and the physical well being of all individuals and guild members. Through The Guild Academy and The Rogues Guild this knowledge is an homage to the English fighting arts.
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